How Does Excel Help Traders?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ess1096, Jul 4, 2006.

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    Sorry if this sound so very ignorant. I noticed that Excel seems to be everywhere that you find stock lists, including here at ET. I also notice that the stock lists on such as the IBD 100 etc., are downloadable to Excel.

    I know Excel is a spreadsheet program (that I don't know how to use), but what is it about Excel that gives the trader any advantage?
  2. I could not trade without Excel.

    When Microsoft ever releases later versions, I will buy the beta.
  3. rosy


    it basically lets people who do not know how to (or want to) write code develop something useful. trading desks are filled with the nastiest excel apps you can imagine.
  4. Also, it can help people like me, keep track of vital statistics of your trading, also allows you to chart your performance, such as equity curve and all that.
  5. I have Office 12 (or at least had), I deleted it, I don't know WTF Micro$oft is doing, but.... I just liked Office 11 better. I don't like the interface changes and all the buttons and all that crap.

    Oy, MS is going in the wrong direction, I hope Vista is good, I'm purchasing a DVD drive so I can burn the public beta and see if it is worth buying in the future, but I don't know about Office, I use OpenOffice on Linux though and like it.
  6. We have many different trading applications and strategies that are coded into excel. We use excel to monitor and analyze data, even input orders, track positions and much more. It really is a great tool for trading.
  7. Awesome!

    Spreadsheet fundamentals. Excel 2007 helps people build professional-quality spreadsheets faster with significantly expanded row and column capacity, faster calculations, improved formula authoring, and new galleries and style templates.

  8. Sounds like my kind of place...

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    Have you looked at

    Just released last month but not bad.

    Moving some trade tracking stuff there so it is always backed up and available everywhere I go.... Cannot replace desktop Excel for strategies but for tracking and building small 'calculators' it looks good.

    Good luck
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