How does ESignal handle symbol changes and dividends?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by GRULSTMRNN, Feb 5, 2019.



    Does anyone know how ESignal handle time series stored on its servers that involve symbol changes and dividends?

    When making a historic data request via QCollector for a specific symbol that was recently changed from a different symbol (talking about stocks only) will that request only result in data for that new symbol or does ESignal merge the historical data of the old and new symbol? I am only talking about data series for one and the same company that merely changed its listed ticker symbol.

    Further, how are dividends treated? Are time series backward adjusted? Or will there just be a discrete price jump in the time series? Will there be some sort of flag set so that a data analyst will know that he is dealing with a dividend adjustment and not faulty prices in the time series?

    Asking for a client who might want to look into ESignal.