How does Elitetrader handle a member's personal and private information?

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  1. I have a concern and a complaint.

    Over several different posts, there have been certain moderators that post inferences to my ip address. That leads me to believe the mods might be using or sharing my personal information without my permission.

    Is this how Elitetrader handles my personal information by posting inferences and sharing with others? Do I have to resort to a proxy in order to protect myself against the wreckless administration of a website?

    Please let me know what I should do.
  2. First of all, your IP has never been revealed. The best that I can recall is that your state might - and I say might - have been mentioned.

    Apart from that, only a very skilled hacker could actually do anything with your IP, and I don't know any of those - especially ET moderators, nor would they have any reason to do anything whatsoever. If you wish to resort to a proxy, there are a number of public ones available - though the speed in accessing sites drops significantly.

    The only thing IPs are used for are to ban users, and verify that one user might be another (which is against the ToU anyway).

    You're an alarmist, but safe. I'd worry more about that SSO you bought.

    Best of luck.
  3. Sure ya did.
  4. Baron

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    Ivanovich is correct.
  5. Yes, I need to grow up. Perhaps I need to pretend I offer money to folks all the time, or create a few hundred usernames so I can eek out my obsessed existance on a website that not only hates me, but thinks I'm certifiable. Aw, crap. That's been done before.
  6. Lil Acrary is cleary "Cold" but I will corroborate his claim about offering a mod money to reveal IP addresses. Months ago, he told me this story via a PM so I believe him this time.

    Was it Nkhoi? I think that was the mod he mentioned but I could be wrong.
  7. Just because he claimed it doesn't mean it happened. I don't believe a thing he says. He's a pathological liar. People like him believe their own lies are true.
  8. Right, well I never said his story was absolutely true, only that he relayed that same story to me via PM months ago. He's at least telling the truth about the story happening. Whether it was in his mind or it actually happened is up in the air at this point.

  9. It's the same mentality that allows me to trade the market w/o bias :cool:

  10. The only crazy person here is yourself for making assumptions and judgements based upon what you see on the internet.

    The first bashers, flamers and trolls were actually psychologists studying how people behave.

    You dont know a person's intentions by what they write or how they post on the internet. In fact, it might be just a bunch of high school kids getting a laugh out of pissing you off while at the library.

    Baron and Joe could care less. It generates web-hits which means more revenue to the site through advertisers. Your moving around threads to chit-chat only threatens Baron's income stream.

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