How does death impact your psychology?

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  1. Jumpshot


    There have been many deaths of prominent persons in society recently. One death that seems to shock and surprise myself is that of Billy Mays. In this video, he appears healthy, but the next day he is found dead.

    I have seen many persons die in my lifetime such as relatives who were sick after an extended period of time. However, I have never seen anyone so healthy suddenly die like this.

    Im wondering if after seeing a video like this...does this change your mindset?

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    Operator: Ok, tell me exactly what happened.

    Female Caller: I don’t know, I just woke up right now and I went and looked at him to roll him over and his lips are all purple.

    Operator: Are you with him now?

    Female Caller: Yes

    Operator: How old is he?

    Female Caller: 50.

    Operator: Is he awake?

    Female Caller: No.

    Operator: Is he breathing?

    Female Caller: No and he’s cold.

    Operator: That’s OK; we can still help him. OK. Did you see what happened?

    Female Caller: No [begins to cry – inaudible]

    Operator: Ma’am. Ma’am. Listen, we’re going to help him until they get there. Can you hear me?

    Female Caller: Yes.

    Operator: Alright, I want you to get him on the floor.

    Female Caller: [talking to someone else] Frank, I need to get him on the floor.

    Operator: Now OK, let’s do it very quickly. I want you to lay him flat on his back on the floor. Do not put any pillows behind his head. Let me know when this is done.

    Female Caller: We can’t get him up, Ma’am. He’s gone.

    Operator: OK well, Ma’am, we can still help him, ok? How come you can’t get him on the floor.

    Female Caller: [inaudible – giving phone to male]

    Male Caller: Hello.

    Operator: Sir?

    Male Caller: Yes.

    Operator: Ok, we can start CPR by getting him on the floor.

    Male Caller: It’s too late.

    Operator: How come?

    Male Caller: He’s gone.

    Operator: Sir, we can still try and do CPR.

    Male Caller: He’s cold.

    Operator: Sir, that doesn’t matter. OK, is he stiff where you can’t move him?

    Male Caller: I cannot move him; he is all rigid.

    Operator: Rigid?

    Male Caller: Yes.

    Operator: Alright. Well, they’re on their way.

    Male Caller: OK.
  2. Sushi


    On a long enough timeline the survival rate of everything drops to zero

    may I suggest how you will be remembered? Billy mays will live on 4ever. Will you or just become another gravestone as no one can escape the reeper
  3. 1) But wait, there's more!
    2) Will the products he has promoted continue to have his picture on the box? :confused:
  4. Sushi


    Yep just like colonel sanders kfc and dead clown ribald mcdonald. Mays will always be with us
  5. loza

    loza Guest

    If you believe in reincarnation and karma, death, per se is not that important. Of course if you buy into the official "religious" doctrine you are frightened of hell and other booga boos that I do not believe in......

    just mt 2 cents....
  6. What's more important to you?
    Your life, of the life/death of a stranger?
  7. bellman


    And what about the sane ones of us whose beliefs don't fit in either of those two cats?

  8. Humpy


    Death can be a definate disadvantage to successful trading

  9. While the death of Mays, perhaps appears to have come out of nowhere, he was on a commercial airliner that blew a tire upon landing the day before he died. He was also reportedly hit on the head with falling luggage. I'd bet the incident was contributory.....
  10. you will not fear death when you realise that death happens to the body and not to you
    #10     Jul 6, 2009