how does cnbc/cable news pick what stock go across their ticker?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by breakin, Aug 11, 2003.

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    a family memeber asked me this question the other day while I was watching cnbc at home and i realized i have no idea. Is it as simple as "stuff that is in the news or up and down a good bit"? Or are there more specific critieria ?? do large businesses desire or maybe even pay for their symbol to go across more often???

    just wondering ..............
  2. Ebo


    Whoever pays them the most to Pump their company!
  3. i once knew..but i forgot.

  4. Momento


    uhm.. interesting.
    I would like to know too,
    so let me reply and put this back to the top spot of the forum :p
  5. thought it was trade size, ie any trade on the tape over a certain size gets put on the CNBC tape
  6. I thought Reuters was the data source, and it was size related.
  7. That's not a CNBC consolidated tape, it's a TAPE OF THE NYSE for crying out LOUD!!!

    Based on a minimum size.

  8. It's not in there. But perhaps it's a filter based on "trade rate".
  9. Whatever the source or reason, I hope they've finally filtered out TESTA and TESTB, always good for a laugh as they scrolled across.
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