How does an unemployed medical dropout student afford $20k in weapons gear?

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    He was a PhD candidate in neuroscience, so he probably had a drawer full of pre-approved credit cards. I've lived it.
  2. I now you are blaming greedy wall street credit card merchants for mass murder.:D
  3. Actually it is being reported that shooting suspect James Holmes had a federal grant to study neuroscience. The amount of the grant was over 20K according to some sources.

    The funding for the weapons came from the grant and money that his parents gave him for school. Obviously he withdrew from the university and misspent the funds.

    There is no great conspiracy here.
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    Don't be silly! I blame government for its subsidization of early plastics research.
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    That fits all of the circumstances very well.

    He was near the top of his class in his undergraduate degree in neuroscience so he was likely able to obtain grant money for his PhD program. If he misspent that grant money he likely knew he was going to be be unable to obtain subsequent grants and so he would not be able to continue in school. He might even have been subject to criminal fraud charges. This guy knew he was wasn't going to finish school and that he would be unemployed (he had not been able to find a job after his undergraduate degree) and possibly in big trouble. His perception of not having a future coupled with a narcissistic sense of entitlement might have caused him to assign blame for his troubles to our society.

    This is the time of year that students obtaining grants and financial aid would find out if they were going to get the money for the fall semester so he probably came to his decision very recently though it is clear that he had prepared for some time.

    Medical school students, and that is what he was, undergo psychiatric evaluation as part of the admissions process so it is strange that his mental health problems were not detected. The university may face some liability lawsuits due to their failure to recognize his problems at the time he was evaluated.

    People say that the unfettered access to guns in the USA is the is why these events occur but I think that a crazy person bent on killing large numbers of people would, if they could not obtain firearms, simply use fire, explosives, poison or some other means to achieve the same result. You can't restrict access to gasoline, fertilizer or common chemicals. I don't think gun control would deter those who would be mass killers.
  6. You will notice that about half of the "deadliest mass shootings" are in strict gun control Europe
  7. I know a lot of you guys think its near impossible to own a firearm in Europe but its not the case. The UK spree killings were carried out using legally held firearms and the rest of Europe including Scandinavia gun ownership while not enshrined as a right is not at all uncommon. A full auto in the Czech republic is a may-issue and CC is common.

    6 out of 20 on the list were in Europe which is way off nearly half.
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    INFJ's like to do the costume party thing but they are never great students... He's an introvert for sure, probably all the mass shooters are. Introverts care about their personal space and their stuff.. not people in general. Is he a psychopath? They are usually sneakier about things... maybe he's an introvert that scored some Bath Salts from one of those hookers he was connecting with via the internet..