How Does A Successful Trader Find Investors/Backing? Requesting Advice ?

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    I am now consistently making a 5% return per month trading Forex, after working on my strategy, practicing, and trading the market for about about 3 years. Two years part time and this last year fulltime to generate a verifiable track record.
    Problem is, I have a small amount of capital that I work with. About $15K, which is not enough cover living expenses.
    What I do is easily scalable, I make about 50 trades a month.
    My question to the braintrust here is, what could my next step be ?
    I would need backing or investment in order to continue to do this fulltime.
    I do not have wealthy friends or family.
    Where could I go to get things off the ground from this point and grow ?
  2. Borrowing the money is your only hope.

    If you don't have friends who will back you, no one else will.

    sorry, but this is the 100% truth.

  3. That's about right. Certainly an institution, or even a high-net individual, wouldn't spend time thinking about a trackrecord based on such a small asset base. But a propshop would be a possibility.
  4. i am of the belief that track record is fairly meaningless when it comes to raising assets. think about it-- EVERYONE has a a good or great track record, otherwise they wouldn't be thinking of raising assets. it's the edge or uniqness of the strategy that sells, not the track record that everyone has.

    ask yourself, what makes you different than everyone else who has a few years of good results?

  5. There are people with money monitoring this site. If you are good, I mean really good 100plus, not 100%, I mean 100+ times CAR. They will find you.
  6. while i agree and witnessed directly the first part of your statement, as someone well versed in capital raising, I have never heard the term 100+ times CAR. are you making this up and if so why

    thank you

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    Not sure what you mean by 100+ times CAR.
  8. 10000%+ Compound Annual Return.
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    The most I've ever drawn down is 3.5% using leverage of around 25X.
    The most IB allows is 50X.
    In theory I could pull a 600% yearly return with leverage of 250X assuming a 7.0% max drawdown which would mean 70% in practice with the leverage. Not the way I'd prefer to do things but doable.
    Could I convince IB to up my leverage ? What I seem to be hearing is that this would be my only hope ?
  10. This is not an easy subject. If it is real, you may reveal too much and give out family farm; if it is not real, you are boasting. Either ways are no no.
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