How does a person succeed in the United States of America?

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  1. Dear Mr. President,

    I have a very important and specific question about this land of opportunity. Despite numerous significant accomplishments I have made little money and received few relationships. Perhaps you can review this list of accomplishments and explain why I have never received recognition for any of the following ideas and products:

    1) Particle gatherer - retrieves particles at the molecular level using mechanical and/or electromagnetic frequencies. It can gather all natural resources from a flow of ocean water and also kills viruses in the human body without incision or vaccination. (Patent was submitted to the US Patent office on July 22, 2009)
    2) Global banking system - software specification that virtually eliminates transaction costs and transforms the global monetary system from a system of lies to a system based on trust.
    3) Effectively perpetual energy - pushes water up a hill using only paint, pipe, and sunlight. (Cohesion of water combined with heat)
    4) Hidden Desktop - provides secure windows that can be used by individuals. Its design also serves as nearly impenetrable government and corporate level security. Provisional patent was issued a few years ago.
    5) Booberator - softens and firms female breasts, specifically for treatment of post-mammoplasty fibrosis but also useful in firming natural breasts.

    So my question to you is: How many accomplishments are required before success is attained in this United States of America?

    Andrew B. Brown

    PS. More of my ideas are on my blog:
  2. I don't know, but your booberator just made my job obsolete.
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    I'd say that if you can retrieve large amounts of aluminum from ocean water inexpensively you have the metallurgical holy grail...
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    Lie, cheat, and steal

  6. Emo Philips: When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realized that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.
  7. So, I created 2 new sciences:
    1. Traumology
    2. Molecular dynamics

    Molecular dynamics is a branch of Thermodynamics (fyi, those "laws" are really "general tendencies of fluids").

    Traumology is the study and resolution of trauma. It largely replaces both psychology and psychiatry as those are simply categorization sciences or treatment of symptom rather than the cause. Traumology is the treatment of the cause sometimes without ever consciously realizing the cause. I figured that out about 6 years ago when I discovered some trauma of my own (adoption). Girl adoptees? You've got even more trauma than most realize.
  8. ......I discovered some trauma of my own (adoption).


    Some instance people create there own trauma.

    One is through there own ignorance (this sometimes can't be helped because they just haven't lived long enough to experienced enough life).

    Secondly, certain people are too self centered, their entire life is focused on the woe is me.

    Definitley don't mean to minimize the situation but one does need to minimialize the situation.

    Not saying this is true in your instance, but here you are wondering why you aren't successful. (Woe is me).
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    Interesting ideas, however the Snuggie has crushed you.
  10. "How does a person succeed in the United States of America?"

    He doesn't

    America is no different than any other country, you have to have the right connections and enough hypocrisy to succeed
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