How does a government make money other than taxes?

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    For example, Dubai's economy was oil-based, but after diversification revenues from oil and natural gas currently account for less than 6% of the emirate's revenues. A majority of the emirate's revenues now are from are from trade, manufacturing,tourism, and financial services.

    My question is dont these revenues go to the business owners themselves? How does the government gain revenue?
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    Because many large companies are actually own by the Government. The government retains those profits made by the companies and counts them as revenue.
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    other than these manufacturing companies?

    so for example Bahrain, which is called the "Gulf's financial capital" is filled with banks. How is the govt making revenue from these banks being there?
  4. In Bahrain, 60% of government revenue is from petroleum production and processing (according to Wikipedia). Revenue may be obtained from royalties for the local oil and taxes on exported processed products.

    For financial services such as banking, a common method for Governments to obtain revenue is through stamp duties, which are levies on financial transactions.