How does a champion think?

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  1. How does a winner view losing?
  2. i don't take losses PERSONALLY.
  3. do you mean, 'I don't take losses, personally?' :D
  4. I mean I don't view losses as an indicator of my overall abilities.
  5. I'd love to know what Babe Ruth said to himself when he struck out.
  6. chas,

    LOL !! you the man.

    surf:D :D
  7. Losses are just part of the game. Keep them as small as possible, and you'll continue to win.
  8. a cost of doing business.

    Sometimes you just have to keep telling yourself that.
  9. MJ used to say as long as you know what you want and work for it then you will get what you want regardless of what happens along the way.
  10. well, i used to race sailboats, and have raced against many national champions and olympic gold medalists in several classes. . . and one of them had a great saying:

    each race, even if its a championship race, is just practice for the next race. . . . because the goal is to practice eliminating mistakes. . .

    so look at each day as practice for eliminating mistakes, because in the end, the competitor that makes the least number of mistakes, WINS!

    and its not the winning that you concentrate on, its the mechanics and the execution of the plan . . . .

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