How Does a Billionaire Become a Millionaire? Start an Airline

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    How does a billionaire become a millionaire? Start an Airline (old joke)

    Bad name "Kingfisher", don't they dive into water. If you follow the aeroplane history, none has succeeded in making a significant profit from aeroplanes
  2. It all depends on the individual, like everything else in life.

    Buy an airline for 1 ringgit (26 cents US), taking on US$11m in debt. Mortgage your house and tie up with a couple of others.

    And to make sure things are not too easy, do this just after 9/11.

    9 years later you can be worth US$330m.

    Name? Tony Fernandes
    Airline: Air Asia.
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    Financial crisis and greed is the root cause of poor maintainence.

    Boeing, Airbus and other plane manufacturing companies sell almost 100% safe planes but thousands of airline companies around the world try costing cutting for cheap tickets and dominate the avaition industry.

    There should be only 4 or 5 massive airline companies in 200 countries. These massive companies should buy and takeover all the airline companies worldwide.

    My sincere suggestion is that Boeing & Airbus should start their own massive airline company worldwide and stop selling planes to useless businessmen.

    If they want to sell planes they should sell only to British Airways, American Airlines, Luftansa, Quantas, Singapore airlines.

    Indian media say Kingfisher airline was blinded by the desire & greed to be biggest airline in India.

  4. what about richard branson?
  5. He becomes a commodity trader? :confused: :D
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    Even better was the name of the spanish airline - Air Comet. Went bankrupt, naturally.
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    Another version of that joke is:

    Q: How can you make a small fortune in the stock market?

    A: Start with a large fortune and invest in airline stocks. :)