How do your RANGE BAR CHARTS look like?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ikeaboy, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. ikeaboy


    Hello folks,

    I am using range bar charts and was wondering why there are always little gaps between two consecutive bars? the open of the new bar is never the close of the previous bar... looks very strange and distracting...

    I am using Ninjatrader with Zen-Fire-Data... The chart is attached (6E - 4 pip range chart)

    So could someone please post a range bar chart of another charting platform/data provider.. if possible also 6E - 4 pip range bar chart...

    Thanks a lot, Bye!
  2. Placebo


    nq range bar 1pt , looks similar to me.
  3. ikeaboy


    thanks for the quick reply placebo... yes looks similar indeed... from what software/data-provider is this from?

    is there anyone here with a platform that plots range bar charts without the little "gaps" or has an explanation why it is this way?
  4. I use QT and range bars are ok .Close and open are identical, there is no gap. I donot know why yours are different
  5. Placebo


    Sierra chart, don't forget there are two types of range bars, type1 and type2.

    Check to see if you package has the two types.

  6. ikeaboy


    interesting... would it be possible to show me a screenshot of the 6E?

    @placebo... what does type1 and type2 mean? where is the difference with sierra chart?