How do you use your iphone to keep track of the market?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mizhael, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. I can previously view Bloomberg live TV on a windows mobile cell phone.

    But now after turning to iphone, I cannot play Bloomberg Live TV at all.

    What other market resources I can play on iphone?

    I am exploring Bloomberg Podcast on iphone, but those are not real-time and live TV talks...

    Any thoughts about keeping track of the market on iphone?
  2. niteowl8


    If you have an Ameritrade Account, you can download iStockManager from the app store and it will give you streaming quotes and charts. It also provides Level II but I wouldn't trust Ameritrade's Level II quotes to be as accurate as others.

    You can also make trades thru the software.

    All in all, a pretty nifty free program
  3. Charlie


    I use the Bloomberg application, which gives news and delayed quotes. If you have a Thinkorswim account, they have a new application that gives current quotes and allows you to place trades.
  4. There is a new app out, Daily Finance, that offers real time quotes. It's a lot zippier/faster than the the Bloomberg app.
  5. No Bloomberg video/show on Iphone?
  6. Whats it called/where can you get it?
  7. Charlie


    Just search for them (Bloomberg or Thinkorswim) in iTunes or in the App Store. Both are free downloads although Thinkorswim requires you to have an account.

  8. GG1972


    I use both bloomberg and the stock quotes software app on iphone--but for real time you can just bookmark yahoo finance and see the live quotes if something catches your eye