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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GaryN, Dec 4, 2007.

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    This isnt exactly a trading issue but since there is a lot of computer knowledge on this board I thought Id look for an answer here. Is there a way to turn off those annoying little popups at startup that tell me there are updates available, You dont have antivirus software installed, etc?
  2. To kill the Microsoft security alerts go to

    Start>Admin Tools>Services

    In Services switch Security Center Alerts to Disable and restart.

    For the other update pop ups go to

    Start>Run enter msconfig

    Got to the start up tab and see what alert reminders are running and shut them off.
  3. you don't like updating your system?
  4. RL8093


    Can't speak for the Op, but I used to let msft update automatically. They abused the power by updating during critical trading times and then continually reminding me that I needed to restart the computer.

    Switched to manual updates and religiously updated every w/e - - until one of their updates completely locked up my rig. Dell helped me recover and along the way told me that a number of others also had the issue. Msft acknowledged the problem w/ a patch buried deep within the bowels of their web site - many layers removed from anything a non-techie would ever locate (and later w/ a patch to fix the patch, etc, etc, etc).

    Along the way Dell also told me that msft normally sends out the major updates on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Based on this information and my experiences, I now update once at the end of the month immediately after creating a manual system restore point (hopefully they will have repaired any fubars in the 2 - 3 weeks since the issuance). So far - so good.

    If any of this info is inaccurate, I'm open to revising my procedures once again... :cool:

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    Just go with service packs. They are more thoroughly tested.
  6. Which is why I am seriously considering the move to Linux or Apple
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    Unless you want to run an aapl running windows (which would probably just add to issues), be sure that the programs you want will run on the platform (many / most won't).

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    Thank you mrbigfrank.


    No I do not update automatically for all the reasons stated above.