How do you trade with a FT job

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by aaronk321, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Just wondering.. Everyone at my office knows that I'm trading on the job. I don't want to make it that obvious.. How are the other Full timers here trade on the job - it's very difficult to not have my screens up running. what's your strategy - position trades?
  2. do you make any money trading this way?
  3. I got the feeling you'll be able to trade fulltime soon. :)
  4. If anything goes wrong, no matter how unrelated it may be with your trading, they will not hesitate to use that against you. It may also hinder you when it comes to promotion/raise time. Unless you're an infrequent swing trader, I would advise against trading at work.
  5. Mistake # 1 - telling people you are trading. I have my charts on all day and just tell them that I like to follow the market. Then again, I do not need my PC for work so it does not bother anybody. However, i am sure if some of the rats I wok with would know what I do, my days on the job would be numbered. Keep them in the dark ages.