How do you trade using multiple time-frames?

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  1. I have never traded using multiple time-frames. I have read about some people trading multiple time-frames so that they can have more opportunities to trade. Lower time frames will provide a trader with more set-ups to trade.

    I have also read about some traders using a longer time frame to make assessment on the bigger picture, then use a lower time frame to execute.

    Based on the experience of elite-traders here, are these multiple time-frames approaches sound? Do you use similar methods as these approaches?
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  2. A good example would be using daily ATR values to formulate an intraday model.
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    I use multiple timeframes but for long term counter trend commodities monthly, weekly, daily, 15 minutes to fine tune entry. I had tried long ago for trend and am sure on the forum some are doing 60, 15, 3 minute. Both 60 & 15 minutes in a trend at same time and 3 minute is retracing and you have a signal, perhaps first bar closes in direction of the 60/15. You have to define trend for the 60/15 like HH's/HL's for uptrend. You would want to trade multiple of markets as there less trades since you have a filter of 2 timeframes going same direction. am sure you have a ton of different filters to give different outcomes.

    But for trend trading, you want to get in early and when you adding more filters, does not mean it will be profitable, especially when 60 going one way and 15 retracing which often happens after trend change, so better to learn charting well, support/resistance.
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    A number of years ago I recall watching a drum instructional video from Jojo Mayer who is a world renowned drummer. Among other things, he said that if all you did was master paradiddles, you could go quite far with drumming. For me, multiple time frames are to trading what paradiddles are to drumming. Here are some things I use with success:

    Daily, 60 min, 30 min, 15 min timeframes
    Simple moving average
    Bollinger Bands
    Time of day
    Change in Close (Up, Up Big, Up Very Big, Down, Down Big, Down Very Big)
  5. If you use Tradingview then if you draw on a larger time frame, it is still there on a shorter time frame(trend lines etc)
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    Yes I use them, how? Spend a couple of years in observation, development, testing and refinement...nothing to it.
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    assuming that you agree that market trends have a nature of fractals, and assuming that you know how identify the trends in multiple TF

    then you can use multiple TF to define the border of trends in bigger TF, which are support and resistance for small TF trends.
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    Consider learning how to trade around a core position. This will take some work to get down, well worth the effort since is how many profitable pros manage positions.

    It takes a lot of discipline to switch from one time frame to another, the key is to use the same time frame for the entry & exit, treating each position as independent of each other.
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    I look to get into trend-following only long-term trades, all being well the winners lasting 15-30 trading days. I use daily charts only, never look at anything smaller.

    I find it hard to see the relevance of 4-hourly charts to what I'm doing. I mean, the London and NY forex sessions last about 12 hours together, so a single 4-hourly bar is a tiny fraction of my planned holding period.
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  10. Personally, I use the higher time frames to help determine what is going on overall in the market. And then trade on the 1hr.
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