How do you trade the night session?

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  1. Of course this post is geared towards traders who actually trade the night session. Well, how do you guys do it? There's barely any volume in the evening. Any tips or tricks on how to trade the night session?


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  2. I trade HSI (or try to). That is Hong Kong Stock Index. Pretty liquid and moves around quite a lot. You just need to get an understanding of what moves it. It is unnerving though to see you position jump around 400-700 HKD. Divide it by 8 to stay calm.
  3. I just put it on, then check it every couple of hours. Gotta take that out of whack profit if you get it. Otherwise, you're already in on the RTH open, and then, that is another place to take a profit if it gets wild enough. Nice slow trend though makes for a nice profitable day. I doubt if I will ever go back to entering during the day.
  4. if your lookin' 4 beer money, ZN is a decent contract to trade overnite

    nice ranges most nites w/ good liquidity. pull a few hundred out of that overnite, that makes a nice start 2 the day.


  5. Good posts. I trade em all. ZN definetly the most liquid. SPI - Aussie starts at 7:48 PM for its day session. I'm in it for 30 seconds/minute if things go my way and try to keep the trade under an hour if I can. You will see that SPI starts to move a little as YM opens up after 9. Hang Seng I think of as an absolutely delightful shootout of liars and thieves taking place at warp speed. Bids and asks can just fly all over the place with no trades taking place and then whammo you have a 1,000 or 4,000 or the opposite in seconds and if you're an American it is just impossible to really believe you divide by 8. No feel for DAX/ESTOX50/BUND which I just started. I also use the overnight to set up my days. Two things I like are CNBC ASIA/EUROPE and, of all places, CNNfn has a place in its site on US stocks trading in Frankfurt that has been invaluable to me for years.

    I'm a news junkie and sleepless type so I enjoy it. Helps to know your bod and have a defined time frame though. I fell asleep short 4 SPI in the 3080s which I will have to attend to Sunday night in a huge gap up no doubt! Make sure you know your trading platform at night, when it resets and whether orders are embedded/cancelled etc...Just some random thoughts..


    Any of you nightowls ever watch guys come to work in a chatroom and getting all set up with pivots, and da da da da da, and you're thinking NQ or ES has already done this or been there and this already happened... last night?
  6. Is any one trading ZB? How liquid is it at night? Is it realistic to scalp it for 2/32? Do I understand it right that one tick gives you $31.25 minus $4.80 IB charges?
  7. Right, Bloomberg just started a tape at 5:00am est which lists all U.S stocks trading in Europe.
  8. No, But I've put my head in my hands and slept right through the open a couple of times.

    One night I set my alarm for 9:45, then 1:00, then 2:00, then 5:00, then 8:25. By the end of the day I said, "I don't get it profitseer, you made good money today, how come you're so grouchy?"
  9. I've traded equities daytime for 3 yrs now and would like to find out about night trading. Anyone out there willing to provide a brief intro...?

  10. okwon


    You could try trading eurex futures.
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