How do you trade the market?

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    Some traders want to beat the market, to be on top of it one glorious day, some wants to make a lot of money in order to acquire expensive goods. Other trade for the feeling of the market potential that can be quite exhilarating to any adrenalin junkie, a different gamble for the big boys and girls that bet with a lot of money. It doesn’t matter what your motifs are, but most of us will be short a trading account one day when trying to make the big killing. I read the trading classic by Edwin Lefevre “Reminiscences of a stock operator” in order to understand that we all have to find our trading techniques through mistakes and great losses. It is true that a book published in 1923 is still able to convey how a real trader can operate. We are individuals and have our own ability of working with the market, it is truly important to follow the road and never think that we can understand its meanings. I trade stock options, which I find being an interesting game where anyone, rich or poor, has the ability to win, a true American way of making profits utilizing systems adapted to the current market conditions. You are actually making very calculated and confident bets knowing the risk and reward awaiting you, and that trading style fits me well as it is very stimulant. You work with low or high volatility, with institutions, traders, and especially the individual investors fear and greed as a giant motor. The market is truly a dynamic environment as potent as my former profession in the Offshore Geophysical Exploration industry, I worked for a company I now trade on which I find very ironic. Anyway, I have found certain stability in my findings of trading style which consist of the adaptation of similar approach of the technical charting that was the backbone of analysis of offshore navigation data. You see, it was part of my job onboard a 3D geophysical exploration vessel to make sure that the positioning data vas correct. I worked with many charts calculated using as complex mathematical models as in the financial industry, to which I have been able to adapt my technical analysis techniques. What I have learned is to adapt your former professional knowledge to your trading style, I for instance used to make very quick decisions, and also very costly if I made a mistake in my calculations, decisions very similar to the ones you have to make when your own money will be lost if making a costly mistake. You have to learn how to take defeat, because the market can make even the most intelligent individual broke. The market can make you happy and sad with its consequences, it can make you rich or poor, it can make you influential or not You cannot beat the market as you are unable of change mother nature, work its spirit and character, and follow its flow! Then you will take profit…….
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    occasionaly trade stocks & stock option indexes & yes and i did have a mostly green -part red pet turtle when i was a kid.


    Occasionaly watch the tape & custom chart book also;
    remember the Bright Bros trading joke -at every shipwreck there is a chart on the bottom & gators also.:cool:

    Luv learning -Solomon, trader king.