How do you trade stocks?

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    Whenever I have tried to trade stocks on an intraday basis it seems to have ended in disaster. It doesn't matter how much support or resistance the bid or offer provide, the stock follows the S&P futures. There could be over 5% of the avg daily volume sitting on the offer but if the futures rally, you can bet that offer is getting taken out, and vice versa.

    Personally I have found much satisfaction in trading the futures themselves but I am curious as to how you would account for the enormous influence the futures have in trading an individual stock?
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    futures and and options are the way large institutions play their portfolios these days.

    the futures and otpions because of the large leverage are big force in the underlying market which very thinly traded.

    if the trading tax of .0025% does does pass, derivatives like futures and options will cease to trade.. the value of those futures are huge.

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    that is the reason most pros just trade futures these days.

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    what will be the impact of the tax and how so?
  5. I want to learn about futures , stocks are way manipulated.
    where can I open an account for futures and demo trade?
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    1 contract of ES is

    50X751= $37550

    37550x .0025= $95 one trip

    open and close a contract would cost $195. that is just one round trip.

    those automated traders who do 100 round trips per day would pay 195x50=$9750 in tax per day. or $200,000 per month on taxes.

    so those automated trading programs are absolete.

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    stocks are a lot easier to make money than futures though if you just want to make couple of hundred bucks per day.

    imo stocks is just less manipulated than futures.

    but futures have lots of liquidity for intraday

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    futures is a zero sum game.

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    imo stocks,futures, even forex and especially options are manipulated to someones advantage.

    you can't have 100% of traders making money, it wouldn't be possible in a zero sum game.

    the rule is 80/20

    only 20% of accounts in brokerage accounts make money

  10. In your earlier post, you said "0.0025%". In this calculation, you use "0.0025". Which one is correct?

    0.0025 = 0.25%
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