how do you trade in market like this

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  1. I have no idea on handling with this situation

    I hope someone could point me the way

    thank you
  2. ? dips and sell rallies? Try to be patient enough to let intraday highs and lows establish themselves with the low/high preceded and followed by a price-bar whose low/high is higher/lower. Does that make sense?
  3. Try this:

    5 min chart.
    Put in 1,2,3 channels.
    Put in volume.
    Match volume to the channels.
    Reverse on FTTs or if you miss them, strictly exit at the steeper right trend line to preserve profits, sideline and enter on the next FTT.

    Or try another index. :D
  4. Before today, I would have something to contribute but apparently, I don't know how to trade the HSI after getting cornholed for $3k+ in about 15 minutes.

    I'm done with the HSI. Vegas is a lot more fun when I'm getting screwed.:mad:
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    I'd imagine Market Profile would be very handy in a market like this. Fading moves outside of the value area should have been largely profitable.

    *I personally don't use MP but it's always interested me.*
  6. usually I grasp intraday trend

    but today there is not any trend

    though the range is not small
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    You don't trade. Trading can entail staying out of the market. If you are not a buyer, you do not have to be a seller. Wait for it to break a level and then try and trade that.

    Great Luck.
  8. There is a bazillion great signals in all that wondrous mess to extract massive daily profits....the HSI is a magical market right now.

    Break the timeframes down and trade dual confirmation signals counter-trend and hidden divergence trades with the trend. Use 1:2 to as high as 1:3 risk to reward on all your trades and enjoy.
  9. Just sit out.

    When good moves occur, jump on them. There was plenty of such moves this week, so sitting out one choppy day is not a problem at all.
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