how do you trade es/nq?

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  1. hi guys hello my friends , how you guys actually trade index futures any post or comment you have im look forward to it , please answer if you making money from trading futures
    plus small question , how many points is your stop loss and what risk reward
    how often you trade
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    ==how do you trade es/nq? =

    by evolving from loosingtrader27 to winningtrader55
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  3. By that time he won't remember having three losing days in a row
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  4. ok you made fun of me now you in trap give me answer please
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    One way that seems to work is to trade with the daily trend, buying dips into an uptrend and selling pops into a down trend. Having traded both stock index futures and stocks, I find trading stocks more profitable because there are more opportunities for market inefficiencies.
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    no fun was intended, i actually already wrote here about self-depreciating nicks as a reflection of the mental status of the person

    let say your nick losingtrader its like i would come to plumbers forum and call myself shittyplumber

    it would be correct if i would be a plumber (with at least the knowledge of the trade)

    but i am not a plumber, as well as you are not a trader

    plumber knows what he is doing, as well as the trader

    you do not


    so the question is you have to become a trader - that should be your concentration

    as for your questions above

    there are no honest answers to your questions because unlike other human enterprises knowledge is not transferred here

    nobody of value will tell you his/hers method (maybe give you some tips), beside there is no substitution for the experience

    so what to do ?

    its like don Corleone said: keep your mouth shut and your eyes open - you may learn something

    listen, sift, read, trade on paper, analyze results, look for patterns, repeat....
  7. im reading and listening for 4 years now i didnt say that my bad sorry but do you guys making it in index futures im about to jump in if its worth it and also i ask some normal stuff like SL points and how often you trade i didnt ask for setup , entry exit , i really need true honest advice n tips on where im heading , im stuck frustrated its cold outside need help let me in
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    if that is true u uspposed to realize already what i just said before

    besides why a hell you jumping into something of which you admittedly do not have the know how ?

    after 4 years of listening you must realize that without working method you are nothing as a trader...

    what do you mean normal?

    you asking the details of the trading method maybe without realizing that (well who the hell did you listen for 4 years?) and expect to get it here now? u kidding ?

    i feel that , but just do not tell me that you were listening something about trading (maybe you were listening the music) for 4 years - its insults my intelligence (c)

    i am letting you in kiddo, but its time to man-up and face the reality
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    Let's say that hypothetically there are 50 index traders who make a living at this who read your post. If they for whatever reason answered, you well might get 50 different answers. How would that help you? We all see things differently and behave differently, you have to find your own way and that comes with many many hours of watching price development until the fog clears. At that point you may have more technical and relevant questions which may elicit some helpful answers. At this point, you might as well walk into an art show and ask.."I am thinking about becoming an artist, how do you paint?"
  10. if there is 100 traders and 50 of them are living from index future trading and not just showing of or still in process (like myself after 4 years) its giving me even more hope to keep going and i try that ,
    i really dont have clear picture on what everyone doing . are they good or break even
    no you didnt let me in it still a dream
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