How do you trade crude oil?

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    Futures/options or ETF/options? Which ETF's?

    Sometimes I play options on $USO, but I am concerned about the decay after rolling over contracts in contango. What are some better alternatives?
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    I would focus on the CL future and LO option.

  3. java


    cme symbol CL, go to cme website, click energy, click contract specs for West Texas Intermediate
    It is traded on the NYMEX
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    If you have to ask the question future/options or ETFs, I would recommend that you avoid futures.

    Why would you trade ETFs in any fashion? ETFs are created by some company, which charges fees based upon investment products that you could trade yourself. Banks like JP Morgan and BofA create ETFs like JPUS (JPM). It is all a shell game.

    Institutional Holdings (JPUS)
    Banks investing in other banks' ETFs
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    Do you mean: I would recommend futures?
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    Reading comprehension much. Suit yourself then.
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    It's just that you didn't recommend trading futures - but then you went on to discourage ETFs by calling them a *shell game*. So I'm not sure what your recommendation is here - can you clarify?
  8. I am curious... what determines crude oil price other than supply/demand? is it US inflation rate?
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  9. You don't need to know. There are a gazillion reasons.
    Even a top Rolls Royce engineer doesn't know how a Rolls operates, he may know part, but not the whole.
    Silly question honestly, think about it, a trader need not know anything about reasons for any price except how to trade it.
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  10. I can find major determinants from journals on crude oil...thanks to you.
    I've done a journal on crude oil but it was on human bias on round numbers so I did not cover any fundamental determinants.

    Other than that, you do need to know fundamental side... without understanding them, you are just gambling. Technical analysis trading is only helpful if you accompany fundamental information. TA alone is gambling lol
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