How do you track your trades ?

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    How do you track your trades ?
    Paper, web of your broker, Excel, software ?
    Have you try several means?
    Which one do you keep?
    Are you happy with the solution you keep?

    If you use a software, which one is it?
    Are you happy with it ?


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    I haven't seen anything that can come close to Excel once you are good at unlocking what the program can do.

    Pretty much anything you want or can imagine, Excel can do it.
  3. That is the key though isn't it !

    I have tried to figure it out on my own for hours at a time but always get frustrated I even bought excel for dummies buti guess I'm not dum enough because that book still didn't help.

    Any sugggestions on a good book to really learn it.
  4. Is there a way to hook up excel to a quote provider, like esignal or CQG and track your p/l while manually entering your open positions?

  5. Check out ESQuotes. A great app that retrieves real-time quotes for Excel. No data fees, and a one time small charge for the application, which is a series of spreadsheets. Use the blank page and create your own formulas for portfolio tracking.
  6. Depending on your level of frustration - and learning how to create cell formulas and links really isn't that difficult - you might want to tell these people what you want, and get a bid from them for doing it for you. They're very fast. I've used them for some custom work in the past.
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    Excel has an excellent help file. I've learned every shred of info I know by trying to make it do things and just combing through the help file and trial and error.

    If you already have Esignal, you can link several fields to excel with dde. Just type in dde in esignal help and it explains it. I track hundreds of symbols in spreadsheets fed by Esignal.
  8. I do everything in Excel.

    And I use IB's DDE to get quotes in Excel.
  9. custom java program which allows me to parse trades from my execution platform and input them into a mysql database.

    it also parses clearing sheets to match up the orders.

    its still a work in progress...
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    nb -

    thx for the heads up. i'm pretty decent with Excel, but am not a coder. i was able to setup Excel for IB in just a few minutes.

    here are a couple of useful links for IB users interested in doing the same:


    take care :)

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