How do you think yourself?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ADX_trader, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. How do you think yourself?
  2. I think myself okay

  3. nkhoi


    one burn twice shy

  4. My think trading good, real good.
  5. Minime


    I'm prepositionally lacking sometimes as well. :confused:
  6. ADX

    I do one of these every day.
  7. qdz


    I always think I am the opponent of the market. That is problematic. I imagine the market as a group of people (fund managers, market makers, specialists, analysts, brokers, regulators, and even news media) that runs a casino game together. They can monitor everything that we (the customers) do and rip money from most of us.

    I do not know how true this is in reality. What do you think? I really hope I can be part of the market instead an opponent of it.

  8. qdz


    By the way, what I really mean is that I hope that my thought was not true. Hope that in a certain degree that the market is not controlled by A group, meaning most people feel like what I feel but do not know what is really going on?

    But perhaps my hope is not realistic.