How do you think the book of "Way of The Turtle" by Curtis?

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    And what's the five best trading books by your choice?

    My choices:
    Wealth-Lab Developer User Guide
    WealthScript Language Guide
    WealthScript Function Reference
    Monte Carlo-Lab User Guide (One of the companion product of Wealth-Lab Developer)
    Trading Systems and Methods by Perry J. Kaufman
  2. How much did they pay you to make this post?
  4. hylt


    They give me software, I pay them money.
  5. Each to their own....
  6. Enjoy :cool:
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    I was surprised to know that Curtis was broke at the end. Almost. He says that at the end of his book. I believe most of his income comes from selling his book.
  8. It is one of the best books out there IMO.
  9. i want to kick some turtle butt! i think i will disclose a trend following system that will kill all these turtles off. of course you will note that this covel is a paying sponsor of et and thats why we are being deluged by turtle crap now.

    ps welthlab wrote an article for active trader magazine on one of my systems, it was pretty good and beat the crap out of aberration and catscan. so i like the welthlab guys too and respect them but dont use the product at this time.
  10. US residents can't buy Wealth-Lab. You must have a crappy Fido account to get it.

    There are plenty of other products that do the same thing.
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