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  1. kiev


    Last week, trump said the stock market should have another 20% rally ( 600 points in spx ) in the near future, which means spx can see 3300 in this year.

    from 2400 ( mid of august ) to 2736, the market didn't have any rest. doesn't the market need to squat before another jump?

    why are those big players so confident, did they dump their stocks before pump?
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  2. tommcginnis


    What makes a stock go up and down?
  3. kiev


    fundamental, technical, news, sentiment, etc.
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  4. The market can act any way it doesn't have to be logical, by anyone's standards of measure.

    The shorter the timeframe you perceive or look at becomes much more part art, part trade.
    The further you step back, it acts much more accordingly to its outer and inner stimuli dancing around it.

    Big business and Wall St is pro-Trump, pro-Republican.
    That's basically all you need to know why the market has been rising since he took office.
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  5. comagnum


    Trump is the only president stupid enough to take credit for the stock market he had called 'a big fat ugly bubble' before he was elected. CEO's and former presidents are smart enough to know that nobody can control the business cycle, they do not gloat over the stock market - only Trump is dumb enough to go there - so now he will have to take credit for the likely bear market that will emerge from this.

    Historically the stock market has far better performance under a Democratic president.

    The stock market was up 200% under Obama - Trump still has another 165% to go just to be on par with Obama. Obama inherited a crashing stock market - Trump was handed a mature bull market. Bull markets accelerate on the final leg up.

    Wall street does like Trump since he installed some of the very crooks that brought us the sub prime melt down into his cabinet. The very thing Trump campaigned on cracking down was just a big lie.

    Most CEO's think Trump is a raging lunatic. Warren Buffet called Trump out on his horrible personal track record of driving his business ventures into bankruptcy, leaving the investors with pennies on their dollars.
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  6. DaveV


    While the Republican moves, especially the corporate tax cuts and elimination of regulations has helped, I am surprised that the US stock market didn't do better than it did in 2017. Yes the S&P 19.4% return in 2017 was very nice, but it was only slightly better than the 16.3% average for Obama's 8 years. Also under Obama, the US stock market on average was the best in the world. In 2017 the US fell to 39th out of 47.
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  7. piezoe


    With all due respect :rolleyes:, that's pure Wallstreet-media bullshit! What makes a stock go up is people buying it. You see it going up, you by it. Right now, of course, everyone wants to get in before the deficit driven inflation hits and really gooses the market. They buy, the market goes up. You buy, the market goes up. Some fools short, others buy the dip. The market goes back up. The fools cover. The market goes up. You buy, the Market Goes Up. Etc., Up and Up and Up. To the Moon Alice!
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  8. FED controls the business cycle...they create booms and busts with their expansion of credit and funny money... They mess with the fundemental signal to investors. The interest rate
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    I don't think. I just trade and watch the gorilla channel
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    You mean CNBC
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