How do you tell people your an E-Mini trader?

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  1. Many people make their money each day trading the E-Mini. Its a highly leveraged instrument where fortunes can be made in short time and there is nothing wrong with making a living off of it.

    Many times I have tried to explain to people that I trade the E-Mini. In the current times, I get these wry looks as if trading is a sin. One person remarked back at me something about Madoff.

    Many people think and believe that traders can only make money in an up-market. Oh not so.

    The truth is that the real E-Mini trader is athletic with his positions trading in whatever direction the market chooses to put itself in. In a down or up market, money can be made.

    I have never lost money trading the e-mini as the S&P just seems so easy to predict versus trading regular stocks. The S&P cannot fool anyone.

    So what do you say to someone who wants to know what you do if you are an e-mini trader?
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    I remember someone posting this a few months back: tell them you are an intraday liquidity provider, or if you trade outside regular hours, that you are a nocturnal liquidity provider.
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    Beware that some people might interpret that to mean pornstar.
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  5. Tell them that you are a banker
  6. lmfao

    Tell them your a short term investor.

    or how bout

    a Venture Capitalist

    its not really lieing...
  7. Tell the wage monkey that you decide the financial future of their corperate cage. Or show them your P/L sheet.

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    Better question. Who cares what they think? Just keep trading and make money.

  9. LOL!!! That's funny.

    I don't trade the S&P futures, I trade the /TF. I just tell 'em I'm a private investor, and I dabble in several investment vehicles. That typically does the trick.
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    I agree with the other poster who says...who cares what other think ?

    You can tell them that you commute everyday from your bedroom to your living room and trade stocks.

    Most people don't know anything more than stocks, there is no point in giving details if they can not understand or already have an opinion like the guy mentioning Madoff.

    If you meet someone who is into finance then you can clarify that you only do eminis.

    If you say that you do really well, most people are going to envy you, if you say nothing about your job, yet you have a nice lifestyle you look suspicious.

    The bottom line is can you make money ? If the answer is yes everything else is irrilevant.

    Tell people what they want to hear.

    ps: last but not least you can always tell them about your linkedin profile :)
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