How do you stop a riot?

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  1. Syria: Riots stop when authorities use tanks
    Belfast: Riots stop as police fire rubber bullets
    Greece: Riots stop as police use water cannons and teargas
    England: Riots stop....because it's raining
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    In LA the riots moved north up Normandie until they got to Olympic Blvd...Koreatown.

    Then they got their asses shot off.

    When I entered the Air Force just after the war there were plenty of stories about RoK troops jumping out of helicopters at treetop level. They just couldn't be bothered to wait to get to the LZ and land. Scared the crap out of the NVRs and VC. :D

    Koreans are by far the hardiest, meanest, toughest and craziest of all Asians.
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    Strong application of chemical agents.

    Remington 870Ps.

    Colt AR-15s.

    I guarantee these three items are extremely effective.

    Plastic cuffs to follow.

    No more problems. Back to normality after a day or two of cleanup.
  5. Have you even seen riots in Belfast and the Provence? They go on for days regardless of how many rubber bullets have been fired, the intensity of the riots does vary and usually subside at night but sure as hell they are back out on the streets the next morning.
    When the Paras shot 26 people in the Bogside in one day in 1972 do you think the rioters took note and stopped.
  6. Other countries to the list:

    France (2 centuries ago or so): Riots stop when the king is gone.
    Egypt: Riots stop when the dictator is down.
    Tunisia: Riots stop when the dictator is flown.
    Israel: Riots stop when it is time to go eat in the tents pitched down.
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    Sometimes a 'street sweeper' can be a very persuasive tool when the level of 'trash' gets out of hand.
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    "On August 15, 1974, Park was delivering a speech in the National Theater during a ceremony to celebrate the nation's deliverance from Japanese colonial domination 29 years before, when a presumed North Korean agent Mun Se-gwang fired a gun at Park from the front row. The bullets missed the president, but a stray bullet struck his wife Yuk Young-soo, who died later in the day, and one choir girl. The incident was filmed on video.[13] Park continued his speech as his dying wife was carried off of the stage.[14]"

    So they kill this Koreans wife while he is giving a speech and it doesnt even phase him. He keeps on speaking.

    Compare that to Obama who can't finish a speech if his teleprompter breaks.
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    If they had been successful and killed Park I wonder if his wife would have then finished the speech for him. :D

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    "One riot. One Ranger."
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