How do you stay focused during the day?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TraderGreg, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. For full-time traders, how do you stay focused for the whole trading day?

    Do you:

    Listen to music (soft, invigorating)
    Listen to pit noise or other sounds
    Breaks with sound alerts
    Not need anything

    I'm into pen spinning and being amused by the bickering on CNBC, personally, but I tend to zone out a bit and would like my focus more on the computer. What do you do?


  2. By staying off ET, LOL

    Going through charts on different Time Frames, or trying to catch Economic news do wonders for me :)

    Music doesn't work for me, I tent to lose foucs playing CDs or Vinyles :D
  3. Mins


    I think this type of work requires immense concentration at all times. Okay some might say that a bit over the top - but i turn of TV, Music while i am trading.

    I try to simply focus on not making a mistake and waiting for the right set-up, watching time and sales throughout the day gives you a mental idea where buyers and sellers will come in or be hurt.

    During lunch time i tend to take a break for about an hour or so to refresh my mind.

    Apart from that i find myself viewing various futures contracts throughout the day - i try to stay as focused as i can because i know i make silly decisions when i am half arsing it.
  4. bespoke


    ya, i just spent 2 hours this morning on that site....

    i hope i never get too old to enjoy it!

    as for me, i browse a lot of message boards, facebook, msn (to bug those that have to actually "work"), listen to music, turn on the radio, eat, and nap for a couple of hours about 2-3 times a week during lunch
  5. watch music videos on you tube, check et, watch cnbc or some other show...set alerts and wait for a set point in sitting there all day.
  6. i trade...follow the markets/stocks and IM friends and traders about the market and stocks. I work half days....7 to 7 five days a week. I folw earnign dates, surprises, expectation, guidance, news and anything else that will give me my edge.
  7. Very interesting. I might try IMs or something since I'll be in college. That way I can still keep all my windows right there. I don't think I'm missing opportunities because of it, but I'd rather put my time to some use while I'm zoning. Maybe I'll browse through sites and find things about the markets I don't know as well. Thank you all for your input.

  8. CNBC straight up, all day. They move markets. If you're doing anything else, I think you're not trading.
  9. Backtest, backtest, backtest

    You see, as a non-profitable newbie, I don't think I've yet gained the privieledge to indulge in other non-trading activities during my normal trading hours.

    Other then light FM or classical / JAZZ music turned down very low just to break the silence, an hour lunch break. I just backtest my pair on my secondary computer and just glance my primary desktop to wait for any setups.
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