How do you separate your Trading vs Long-term Accounts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DisciplinedHedg, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. I'm interested in hearing how others differentiate their short-term trading accounts with their long-term accounts, and how they invest their long-term accounts.

    For example, I'm starting to sweep a certain $ amount from my trading every week into my long-term account. How do others handle it? You guys use a certain % or do it more often?

    Also, I've been looking at various funds and seriously considered using Schwab's One Source Funds to buy/sell mutual funds due to the no transactions fees etc. However, the problem is that my research for the last several weeks haven't produced any funds that I'm satisfied with, and I mean any. Several small cap funds turned up, but it appears that the Russell 2000 may have topped so almost all of the recent small caps aren't doing well anymore. You may ask why I'm researching MF's and not stocks for my long term account. The reason is that it is almost too tempting to begin trading the long term account the second I get into stocks. But I know I'd probably be able to beat most MF's with a sound basket of long-term stocks. I've considered using Schwab as my long term account, hoping that the high transaction fees would deter myself from "trading" that account. Boy what a dliemna. :confused: How do you guys handle your long term account if you have one?
  2. ST: ib
    LT: schwab

    Standing wire authorizations between them..

    In my LT account I've been buying south african and canadian junior gold miners for the last 2-3 years. Far better returns than my trading account so far. :(

    I find that buying illiquid stocks in size keeps me from trading my LT account. But it's really whatever works for you. Playing "mini macro hedge fund" with my LT account allows me to de-focus on the day to day movements of the markets and concentrate on the slowly evolving memetic war that is "the gold scandal"..