How do you say SQUEEZE

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vinigar, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. vinigar


    AT 5:00 in the after hours, the following stocks are up:

    27.43 1.48 (5.70%) MSFT
    26.70 0.18 (0.68%) INTC
    42.41 1.61 (3.95%) BRCM
    91.20 0.46 (0.51%) IBM

    All those worries about higher interest rates....gone! All those who are short are gonna be hurt big time tomorrow. How do you say.........SQUEEZE!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D
  2. You forgot AMZN and AMGN and PSFT and . . .

    Today is the biggest reporting day of the quarter!
  3. jrs3


    You might be a tad late for the squeeze party.
  4. I don't want to upset you but higher interest rates often accompanied last phase of bubble before crash so higher interest rate is not incompatible with stock continuing higher in that case. This is logical see
    And see my signature of course.
  5. vinigar


    Hey....I don't want to upset you....but I am a Daytrader...and I already nailed them all....I could care less where they go from here...interest rates can come and go as they please...I will play the market one day at a time...if the trend is up one day and down the next....I just go with the trend....never fight the trend! If I were swing trading or longer term trading, I might have cause for concern....but I am closed out and waiting for the next matter where it goes.:)
  6. balda


    welcome back:D
  7. AMZN was the tail that wags the dog today, and the stock is trading a dollar under the day-session close. Sure MSFT is up, but who cares? Net-net, a non-event for tomorrow.
    GREAT JOB!!!!!!
  9. How's your nieces new Mini-Cooper doing?
    You never did tell me what color she got . . .

  10. Yo Bro, she's crazy about that car, thanks. She was partial to the BRGreen.
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