How do you protect yourself...

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    if you are destined to become the first victim of a serial killer?

    In light of the VT shootings etc, how can one really be safe if the perp hasn't done anything yet?

    For example, being the first person shot by Malvo (the sniper up in the Northeast US). If you're walking down the street and are shot dead, does it matter if you have a gun?
  2. I've got too many things to worry about that are far more important than worrying about the astronomical odds of being shot.

    The most dangerous activity you could possibly do is drive a car. 120 deaths daily from auto accidents.

    Slaughter in the hospitals. 100's of thousands of people die every year just from hospital admissions: medical error, infections, rx drugs, even malnutrition. They say all of these deaths could be prevented.

    Yes, malnutrition while in a hospital! The Nurses Coalition study says 109,000 people die every year from malnutrition while in a hospital.

    115,000 die annually while hospitalized just from bedsores.

    Is anyone ever worried about that?
  3. So, what's your point? If it's an argument for gun control, it's weak. There are any number of ways to die on any given day where a gun won't help you.
  4. What if a nuclear bomb lands in your town?

    What if you have a heart attack right now?

    Quit worrying about insignificant things.

    You don't have to worry about getting shot unless you live in the ghetto. The odds are just too small.
  5. Good question.

    Your safety is relative to your ideas about guilt vs innocence.

    Clear your mind of every last trace of guilt ideas. Make innocence unconditional, total and universal for yourself and others.

    Then nothing can disturb your peace of mind, and you will experience safety.

  6. You always attack yourself first.

    Your attack thoughts are attacking your invulnerability.

    Those not trained in the power of the mind will find that statement astonishing.

    Are thoughts dangerous? To bodies, yes!

    There are not many professors teaching what attack thoughts are and how to disarm them.

    As a rule of thumb, everybody is attacking relentlessly.

    Because your attack thoughts will be projected, you will fear attack. And if you fear attack, you must believe that you are not invulnerable. Attack thoughts therefore make you vulnerable in your own mind, which is where the attack thoughts are.

    Attack thoughts and invulnerability cannot be accepted together. They contradict each other.

    If attack thoughts must entail the belief that you are vulnerable, their effect is to weaken you in your own eyes. In this way they attack your own perception of yourself. And because you believe in them, you can no longer believe in yourself.

    As a false image of yourself comes to take the place of what you are, you experience vulnerability. The body is itself a false image of yourself. So your attack thoughts must have preceded your embodiment.

    As a "body" it becomes obvious that if you can be attacked you are not invulnerable. You see attack as a real threat. That is because you believe that you can really attack. And what would have effects through you must have effects on you. It is this law that will ultimately save you, but you are misusing it now.

    You must therefore learn how this law can be used for your own best interests, rather than against them.

    You'll not find these kinds of laws taught in universities or in organized religion. So be wise in your quest for the remembrance of knowledge.