How do you misplace 1 trillion dollars in a year?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. A few months back, I misplaced 100 bucks in my house. I searched for it and found it very quickly. Sometimes when I check my bank account, I'm missing $40 to $100. I check my records and quickly(within 10 minutes) find where I spent that money.

    So my question do you not know where 1 freakin' trillion dollars disappears to this year!

    Or an even better question...How do you not know where you put 9 trillion dollars...enough money to nearly pay off all the debt of the US!

    Ask her! She is supposed to know...but she doesnt!(or she does and is lying)

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  2. 43 seconds in 'right now we have this thing we call it a review' der!
  3. she should still have a vague idea of where that 1 trillion went. I mean we all know when AIG got 80 billion. When GM and Citi got 50 billion. How do you not know off the top of your head who got 1 trillion. The answer is, you know but you aint telling, so you tell grayson that you are still in a review and you dont know yet. Grayson knew she was lying. Thats why he kept prodding her.