How do you measure up???

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    Not everyone's trading style requires sub-second reactions though. Mine is 198ms avg, would never trade that way if speed was a concern...
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    209 avg
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    256 :eek:

  4. 186.2
  5. Cheese


    The question of speed of reaction is important. It is clear from ET threads that many or most are not wired with quick reaction brains. Or it may be simply that many do not want the strain of having to react quickly.

    You do not need to be superfast but you do need fast reactions for daytrading successfully. For a reliable professional system with trading signals daytrading the whole session on a fairly fast chart, there will be intermittent times when the requirement is for trading at speed. You may on occasions have a time zone as short as 3-4 seconds within which to act.

    Of course with familiarity of trading in markets (eg CL, NG) which from time to time can be very fast, you become fluent at fast play through experience and repeated practice.
  6. 159.4 avg. Saved under 'TraderJ.'
  7. 187.4
  8. If speed is important you shouldn't be using a mouse.
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    I did a test like this a while back and avg around 218. Been sim trading CL every day for a while now and my avg is now 183. At $10/tick, speed counts! :D
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