how do you manage your time ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by aiyah_mark_lah, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Hi ,

    for those who trade forex and hold a full time job , how do you manage your time, do you have any particular time management systems to moniter your pairs or trade ?

    Please share your ideas with me...

    Many thanks in advance...

  2. i trade off of daily charts. this has the benefit of identifying trades that may take a few days to develop. it's low maintenance and you can take your time with analyzing the market by only having to check it at least once a day. this is good if you have a full-time job.

    it also has the added benefit of allowing you to view the market from the same perspective that big institutional (bank) traders look at when deciding on the overall direction they will be taking with their trades. if you can identify the moves they're looking at then you can "catch the wave" and piggy back on the moves that their volume will help create.

    lastly, there is less noise on a daily chart versus smaller time frames. this means that any analysis you derive will be less prone to being negated by random price movement.

    i hope this helps.
  3. Hi risktaker989 ,

    thanks you, my conclusion is similar to yours, however the common problem I faced is really the trading entries often happened when I am away.

    LOL I guess I have to work around it, automated trading is one option however I am not very comfortable with it.

  4. Because of my full time job, I dedicate 3 hours in the morning (4a-7a) to trade.

    I enjoy the short time frames (3-9min charts) so this works for me and I don't give myself the chance to take a long term view of any particular currency pair.