How do you manage your tax for income from trading?

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How do you manage your taxes on income from trading ?

  1. Trust with Corporate Trustee

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  2. Trader Tax Status

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  3. Standard tax process - no additional entities for tax purpose

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  4. Other

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  1. etrades


    Hi Guys,

    How do you manage your taxes on income from trading ?

    Like do you go with Trader Tax Status ? Or something like Trust with Corporate Trustee ? Or perhaps just do it as standard / regular tax method ?

    Also what is your opinion on what is the best method ?

    Thank you
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  2. I only trade 1256 contracts, so 60/40. Best deal in America!
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  3. jys78


    Don't need to worry about taxes unless you have profits!
  4. wrbtrader


    The OP needs to be worried about taxes even if he has losses because there's a limit on your deductions / credits depending upon how you file your taxes and then throw in the issue if the trader has another job....throw in a few other issues...

    Waiting until you become profitable can easily exacerbate tax problems.

    Another issue, taxes on trading are handle differently from country to country.

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  5. BAT31


    H&R Block Tax Pro. The service assigns a human tax professional, and you can keep the same one indefinitely.
  6. smallfil


    You should consult a tax accountant. When, your financial situation is uniquely, only yours, it does not make sense to take bits of advice from other traders who could be in a different financial situation as yours? Just as you would not want your mechanic doing a heart transplant on you or your doctor to fix what is wrong with your car? This is best handled by a qualified tax professional.
  7. kmiklas


    A good accountant is worth their weight in gold.
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  8. %%
    NO state income tax state;
    or back door roth………………………………………………………………………………..May have to pay some tax on realty if I sell it/ok.I tend to ask or consult 2 cpa s or something like that
  9. newwurldmn


    Only if you earn their weight in gold a year
  10. jys78


    Fair enough. Canadian crew here, just sum up net profit/loss (cap gains). Also... I was joking :)
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