How do you make profits?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ADX_trader, Nov 17, 2002.

  1. How do you make profits?
  2. Sell at a price that is higher than the price at which you bought. :D
  3. Or buy at a lower price than you just sold... :cool:

    Do I win anything?
  4. TSaimoto

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    Buy Low And Sell High

    Sell High And Buy Low

    Buy High and Sell Higher

    Sell Low and Buy Higher

    Meaning, no options for me....
  5. Trade like it's a job, not like it's your money. EMOTION is the #1 killer of profits. Take emotion out of the game follow a strategy and profits will follow. Well.....maybe.
  6. whats a profit ? :D
  7. acrary


    Trade only when the edge is in my favor. Concentrate on good defense - think of taking a loss as playing for better position (stops and re-entry -- commissions are insignificant). Let the profits take care of themselves. Never calculate how much I'm up/down in a open position (way too tempting to take profits too early). Increase size only when closed equity hits a new high. Keep my risk in any one trade to 1/2% of equity. Enjoy the process of trading (think of it as a game against a computer instead of other participants). Remember why I'm trading --- to make money so I can enjoy other things. When I have a larger than average winning streak, I take some money and blow it on fun things (new car, weekend trip to another city, gift to some group that needs help in my locality, etc.).
  8. Aaron


    You sound like a bachelor, acrary. In my case the "fun things" are: mortgage payment, health insurance, kid's clothes. :)
  9. It's that elusive thing that appears the day after you quit.