How do you like those super nice bounces at 1370?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kashirin, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. I bought for the 3d time here - sold 5 points higher

    in the same time I dumped twice today 1385 for 10 and 12 points profits

    It's interesting how soon it will be able to penetrate lower
  2. I wouldn't try it again a 3rd time at 1370. Looks like the market is tricking the masses into believing that there is strong support at 1370, I think we bust through 1370 easily and head straight for 1350 and some panic.
  3. hm, bought now 1363

    dumped 1370
  4. hey nitwit,

    how about time stamping your posts? Maybe, you could spend an extra nanosecond on something like this:

    limit order to buy 1363.00 IN ADVANCE.

    Or else, I can sit here all day and post shit like this:

    Sold 1000 ES on 12/26/07 at 1510.00
    BTC 1000 ES on 01/17/08 at 1363.00.
  5. bought ES 1361 at 10.41 stop 1357 take profit 1368.5

    let's see what happens
  6. 10.48 moved stop to 1362 take profit 1369
  7. There is no way, it never reached 1370, when it hit 1363 (high for the bar was 1369.50 then it sold off to 1358.75
  8. I started this thread asking an advice although you're trying to make me a liar

    it's up to you
    actually I chenged limit to market and closed that order 1367.75 if you insist

    the question was how do you like those bounces

    so please add your market vision in addition to your suspicions
  9. Oh my - I feel the tension - you are taking this to personally :(