How do you know you have passed Series-3

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    How do you know you have passed Series-3?

    I took Series-3 about a month ago.
    After I finished the exam, PROCTOR did give me a computer print out indicated that I have passed the exam (GRADE: PASS) before I left the exam-center. But after that I did not receive any official paper from any one to tell me indeed I have passed it.

    How do I know I have passed it?

    Does NFA or NASD or PROCTOR support to send me some thing officially?

    Does any one have any experience, please advise me. Thanks in advance.
  2. For my Series 6, 63, and 7, the computer printout was stamped with a seal. That is your score sheet as far as I know. You're not mailed a certificate or anything like that.
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    If you're in the NFA's database, it gets updated about 2 weeks after you pass the Series 3. Just log in to the Registration section and check status. Another very helpful feature is at the very bottom (scroll down) of the menu on the left. There's a clicker thing that tells you what you need to give them that you haven't yet. It's called "Outstanding Requirements". See image.

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    How do I get the user name and password to be able to login NFA database?

    Thanks for advise.
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    If you're in the NFA's database, that means you applied for NFA membership.

    If you applied for NFA membership, that means somebody entered your data into the NFA's website. Somebody who already had an NFA login name and an NFA password.

    Whoever that somebody is, they can log into the registration section of the website and check your status. Ask them to help you.

    Maybe you're not sure. Maybe you're confused. Maybe you don't know whether you have applied for NFA membership, or not. Maybe you can't remember whether or not you paid the $85 application fee to the NFA. You can still use the public (no password) section of the NFA website. You can look up your own name, you can try to find yourself on their site. For example, if your name is "John Smith" you can fill in the boxes on the NFA's website and find out about NFA members named John Smith. Maybe you are listed there. If so, the current status of your NFA membership ("applied", "pending", "approved", "withdrawn", etc) is shown. The URL is

    Probably the best thing to do is call the NFA on the telephone, explain your situation, and ask lots of questions. It is their job to help members and members-to-be, and they know a lot more about regulations and paperwork and bureaucratic navigation, than most people. (800) 621-3570 or (312) 781-1410.

  6. You enter a firm to register with the NFA.

    Until you then, you don't have the Series 3. It just means you passed the test. You have 2 years to register yourself through a company. After 2 years, you'll have to retake it, if you don't use it.
  7. No, Series 3 is different than most others: a company is not necessary to hang your Series 3 in. You can apply for NFA membership in a number of categories (incl. CTA, CPO, IB), as a sole proprietor.
  8. I doubt you can register just as an Associate... sole proprietor works when you have an attached role / additional test.
  9. That is incorrect on both counts. A sole proprietor can register as an NFA member, e.g., in the CTA, CPO, IB, even FCM categories; no attached role / additional test are needed. You are considered both an individual and a firm, as is standard for sole proprietorship as an entity.

    I know because I did just that years ago. But don't take my word for it. Go over to the NFA Registration FAQ and search (Ctrl-F) for the phrase "sole proprietor" on that page.
  10. Thanks for the correction.
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