How do you know if your video cards are slowing your system down?

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    I am running 3 Matrox G450 cards on a Dell 9200 core 2 2.4ghz with 3.2 g ram however I often find the cpu running at 60 to 90% and eSignal hanging especially in the first half hour. Could this have to do with old video cards?

    This system used to work perfectly but I am having more and more problems at the moment which I feel could be related to the current high volumes but the cards bother me.

    How do I tell if it is the video cards lagging?

  2. its not the video card.. you need to use the old version of e-signal like k8.0
  3. G450 IS ancient and slow... but graphics requirements of trading are sooooooo low, even G450 can't be the bottleneck. Likely one of your trading apps or general schmutz in your OS partition... maybe time for a fresh install?

    With your CPU running high percentage, it almost HAS to be software.
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    Tks Quite a few of the EFS functions I use were implemented afte 8.0 so I may have to go back and rewrite a few EFSs

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    Have reloaded. (I have got a full format reloap of XP pro and all trading software down to 4 hours now.)

    Machine is lightning fast again.

    What is all this crap that slows the machine down?

    I use CCleaner and do not use the trading computer to surf but still it slows down!
  6. i had a similar problem. esignal 10.0 just eats up ur memmories. so I went back to 8.0. it worked for a while, and now 8.0 is eating it up too. sh*t
  7. Get yourself a copy of Acronis True Image, do a clean install of all your base software. Store software on C: and store your user files (word, excel etc) on D: Create an image of C:

    Once a week reimage C: and it will be a new baby every week. Once a month start with the clean original image and do any software upgrades you need (use this secondary image for your weekly upgrades from that point).

    Add a good defragmenter like PerfectDisk and you should need no more (you shouldn't have to mess with registry cleaners etc if you run from clean images).
  8. It's probably one application. Check the Processes Tab in Windows Task Manager. If you're running some "custom" indicators, that could account for the high CPU usage. However, it's likely some software which has a problem... Is your problem recent? Have you recently added new app or new version of old app?
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    Is the True Image 11 Home adequate and do you need to have another hard drive the same size as the one you are backing up or do you just need the size of the files you are backing up?

  10. With True Image, you can either "clone" or make an "image". For cloning, the destination HDD need only be as large as the data. Imaging compresses the data by about 60% under default.
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