how do you know if someone has you on ignore

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by morganist, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. how do yo know if someone has you on ignore. do you see their comments. i know if you put someone on ignore you don't but what if they put you on ignore is there a way to know.
  2. 1) You fall off their "radar". They remain on your radar until you "ignore" them.
    2) If you quote somebody else's thread and never seem to get a follow up response, chances are, you could be on that poster's ignore-list.
    3) If you are really, really concerned, send the owner/moderator of this site/forum a private message and inquire directly that way. :cool:
  3. Joe


    To #3 the moderators have no way of knowing who has you on ignore. That's tied into private messaging, something that is kept private on our site.
  4. the ignore list is what makes this forum readable... so many psy-op's...

    It must be really painfull to moderate...

    However ignore list + the good moderating work and we get a great mix !
  5. Joe. how private is private? just curious.
  6. Joe


    No moderator can access it.
  7. Thanks. Who can access it then? Baron and who else?
  8. Joe


    Admins only; Baron and I. But we don't care what you write. We only access it to check if your spamming someone through PM's or if the authority's need to check if your doing something illegal.
  9. what can you do that is illegal has that ever happened the authorities involvement.