How do you keep your trading log / diary?

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  1. Voodoo,

    I understand the aspects about JPG for photography...I never questioned that.

    I was just confused by your statement earlier when you said that I WAS WRONG when I said

    concerning size BMP > JPG > GIF
    (I didn't say anything about image quality...just kb size).

    Now you say

    For graphics created on your computer gif will produce smaller files than jpg.

    English is my second language...but...didn't we just say the same thing about graphics via the computer?

    Actually, I could care less what JPG is actually designed for (photography).

    I only care about what my Trading Program actually produces.

    My fault...I thought you were trying to tell me I WASN'T able to use JPG for computer graphics and that it can only be used for photography...regardless to what it was actually designed for.

    All I know is this...when I want to save an image of my Trading Screen-shot...the only option the program allows is BMP and JPG.

    Reason why I said JPG is NOT ONLY for photography.

    Edited-In: Voodoo,

    I understand what your trying to say after quickly reviewing your earlier post.

    Basically, because JPG is designed for photography...and since my Trading program saves images in BMP and recommend I save it as BMP if I plan on converting the image into GIF format.

    Thanks for the tip. I'll take a closer look at it later. Take care.

    Nihaba Ashi
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    NihabaAshi...........Great post and on target! Too bad the thread got off track on file formats.
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  3. Nihaba,

    Exactly, and I didn't mean to start an argument, was just trying to help, people often complain about the way their charts look when stored as a jpg. :)

    To get back on topic, I don't exactly keep a journal in the sense of having daily entries, but I do keep and work on a lot of charts, which I create in excel. I export market data as a text file, then import into excel. This has the added benefit of allowing me to make my own indicators. It also helps me develop strategies. If I simply backtest using some program, it might tell me what the results are, but if I can somehow express the entry and exit strategies as a value and overlay a line chart of that on a stock chart, then I get a better understanding of why the strategy isn't working or how I might adjust it to produce better results.

    I also use Frontpage to create my own 'intranet' if I can call it that. It started as an expanded version of my bookmarks with added commentary, but now I keep it open all the time and just copy and paste links and text from websites such as this one, add my own notes etc. It comes with its own directory and basically includes everything that I think is particularly relevant to the kind of trading I do (or plan on doing.)

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  4. Am I the only one who never has and probably never will keep a journal? I don't do anything before or after the market either. Guess I don't stand a chance.:)
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    If you don't want to use the "Print Screen" button then paste into a graphics program you might want to try SnagIt. You can save in many different file formats (even .gif's so that one dude doesn't bust down your door for using .jpg's :cool: ). You can time and date stamp, make short notes, save the screen, the active window, or any portion of the screen. Pretty handy little program.

    It's not free but it does have a 30 day trial period to see if you like it.

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  6. I'd say you have a chance because FAIK about half of coma victims recover.
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