How do you keep track of the market events?

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  1. This morning when I woke up all of a sudden the indices and financials all rallied up. Then I got to know Tim gave his plan out this morning. Hell as a newbie I didn't know that. I kept losing track of major market events. And these people talked and went on show a lot recently. Had I know Tim was to give his plan out this morning, I should have loaded some indices as well as financials when they dipped down on Friday.

    Now looking back, what's the best way to keep track of these things and avoid such mistakes in the future? Today's event is not on Bloomberg Econ Calendar, which I checked. It looks like a routine of our work, during the prior trading day, should be thinking of what will happen next week and then trade accordingly...

    Please shed some lights on me?

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    The Geither event/news may not have been on a 'calendar' per se but everyone knew it was coming today (they announced it on Friday I think) and over the weekend you could find lots out about it @ Bloomberg, NYT, WashPo, etc.

    Definately check the calendars for major news reports, earnings releases, and so forth. If you're trading futures, even more so.

    I use for econ news schedules, and Yahoo Finance for earnings info.

    Otherwise, it's up to you/us as individual traders to stay up on current events in the world and in the realm of economics and global finance via whatever websites/blogs you think are good and relevant. After a while you'll prolly remember "hey this comes out today" or "oops! it's 1030 on Wed morning, I better get out of my barely-profitable oil trade just in case" etc
  3. End-of-the-month window-dressing tends to be bullish. :cool:
  4. shhhh, such brilliant insights are worth millions.

    its 8 days before the eom, when do you usually load up , 25 or 24 days before eom?