how do you judge Mirus-Zenfire is better than TOS

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  1. Hello, I need your help to choose a better broker for fast execution. I tested three 1 minute charts today, Ninja-Zenfire with Mirus, Ninja-IB, and TOS with Thinkorswim, the 1-minute bars are updating almost at the same time, to my eyes. I am confused that why everyone said Ninja-Zenfire is faster than TOS? How to judge on platform and data feed? Let's not talk about commissions, that is why I just closed my account with Thinkorswim. Any comments will be welcome. Thank you so much.
  2. I don't think there is much of a difference. I have both Zen Fire and TOS.

    If you have both the Active Trader open on TOS and the DOM on Ninja Trader with Zen Fire, the difference is very subtle.

    However, it is obvious TOS is doing some sort of data filtering. There is not as much noise. Could be considered a good or bad situation, depending on your viewpoint. I personally think this is a bad thing.

    I was and sorta am, a big fan of TOS. Their community is amazing. The software is great. Except... The software/charts are slow as sh*t. This is why I'm in the process of switching to Ninja.

    I'll keep my TOS account for Prodigio use. But for day to day future trading, I'm leaving TOS.
  3. It's not about something that normally can be seen with the eyes ('cause it's happening too fast).
    Looking at the raw data and comparing the single ticks the difference is immediately obvious.

    If you are not using programs / indicators that need accurate data it surely makes no difference.
  4. Thank all of you for answers.

    According to your experience, there is no big different if I don't use program trading. If I enter trade from chart, between Ninja-zen and TOS, there is any difference on execution? If I enter a limit order, Ninja may get filled and TOS may not? If enter a market order, Ninja may may get less slippage than TOS? Thank you.
  5. I think TOS has better features. But, from an application speed standpoint, I'd pick Ninja. TOS is a Java app. Much slower than Ninja in my opinion.

    As far as executions and quotes. That is hard to measure. But Ninja/Zenfire does feel faster.

    It largely depends on your trading style. You should paper trade them both to see what you think. I hated Ninja Trader at first, but it is slowly growing on me. The speed I can trade from the chart is faster than TOS. For me anyway.
  6. Use a 1 tick chart on both and post them. Do you have that capability?
  7. Thanks earlyexit, I am testing Ninja now with paper trading before I purchase the lifetime license, and Ninja chart trading (paper) does faster than TOP (real trading account), but I am not sure the about the realtime trading with Ninja, is it faster than TOP per your experience?

    Algo, I can get 1 tick chart from Ninja, but could not get 1 tick chart from TOP, the smallest is 133 tick, any other way you can do comparison?
  8. Can you take a volume chart of both? Equi-volume bars?
  9. I'm pretty certain that a tick chart from TOS will look quite a bit different from Ninja/Zenfire.

    TOS seems to filter the prints. If you watch the DOMs side by side, you can easily see that TOS is skipping quite a few trades. It is not printing everything.

    Do this. Put /ES up on both NT and TOS. Watch the last print. TOS is way too smooth. While NT is popping up and down with the various buys/sells. I haven't talked to TOS about this, but I can't imagine they are giving us all the data.
  10. There is definitely a difference. I have TOS, Ninja/Zen and Lightspeed. Even in normal volatility there is noticeable difference between TOS and the other two so you can imagine the difference when there is higher volatility. I like TOS because of it's options platform, and the emergence of prodigio and the ability to trade any instrument in the same account. If your goal is to daytrade fast markets, you may want to use something else.
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