How do you increase your trade size?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by innovest_11, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Just wondering how you guys manage to increase your size? say now I'm trading size 200 shares. I'm afraid if i increase to 300, somewhat may affect my trading psychologically, how do you overcome it such that bigger size still appears normal for you?
  2. Slowly.

    If your principal is growing just keep that risk constant. !% is 1% regardless of actual $ amount.
  3. Can't overemphasize the importance of this. Traders are in a hurry to get rich, but odds are the market will clean your clock beforehand.

    Trade conservatively. EARN your right to trade bigger with your smaller successes. Have a plan to survive adversity.
  4. Not disagreeing with your point but when you are trading conservatively and making small steps, odds are also good that your "edge" will likely disappear before you get your size up enough to make any serious money. The key is realizing whether you are trading with "edge" or just luck. There is value in striking it big while the money is good. Just offering an alternate viewpoint.
  5. I'm a two car piker, mostly because this is the minimum car size where I can scale out, something that tremendously helps me in letting the winners run.

    Based on recommendations and personal experience I feel 1 car per $5000.00 in capital is adequate for intraday NQ futures trading.

    My goal is to increase to 3 cars when I have increased my trading capital by $5000 or roughly 250 points post commission and then the 4th car when that net gain is at the $10,000 level.

    This way I protect my principal and grow at my own pace, responsibly.

    Hope it helps.