How do you handle poverty?

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  1. I would have posted this on "Ask Hacker News" but I always get banned there the second after I post some deep thoughts (or torments). So if and when I become a billionaire (see my "Got approved" thread), I will need to take special care of Elite Trader in that it's rewarded for holding out as a free speech outpost over the years and doesn't become Hacker News in the process.

    Some time ago (about a year, 1.5 years or so) I tried an experiment: walking around the city at night, drunk, in the bad neighborhoods. Got robbed a few times, beaten other times, handled by the police like they didn't knew who I am.

    Luckily crime is very low where I live so the worst hasn't happened. But I realized several things:
    - Being piss-poor is a daily reality for a sizeable part of the population where I live and it's even worse elsewhere (as told to me by unregistered immigrants).
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    ,, I was waiting for the economy to change.
    I was waiting for politicians to change.
    I was waiting for my income to change.

    But here's what i found out, -
    it ain't gonna change.

    So for my life to change, -
    i have to change.

    For things to get better,
    You have to get better "

    - Jim Rohn

    Very difficult for the most, since the victim mentality is deeply rooted in our society.


    Honestly, up to 25 years i was a looser.
    Lost in life, if you may say so. No goals.

    Then the mind has changed.
    Then the words, actions & the habbits.
    And the life moved into another level.

    Very simple formula.

    ,, Success leaves clues."

    Just follow them.

    Change the environment.
    Remove toxic people out of your life.

    ,,But i feel stuck"

    ,,Man, the bus is leaving every day"
    - Morgan Freeman
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    There's a whole system set up (in the US it differs from state to state) to handle poverty. A lot of it starts with helping the innocent children.
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    That is not a valid experiment, because you are wandering around your low-crime neighborhood KNOWING you are not homeless and in poverty. This has been attempted by other geniuses who think they know how to simulate being poor. The psychology of the difference between pretending to be poor and homeless, and ACTUALLY being poor and homeless, is quite stark.

    Your experiment was a failure, because it solved nothing.

    All it proved is how you would feel if you found yourself on a street corner after a bender, and could afford to take a taxicab home.
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    It starts with the wealthy wanting a plentiful supply of poor to buy their stairway to heaven with.
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  6. Well I'm sorry for not being dirt-poor to start with, but only decently-poor.

    My grandparents on both sides of the family (mother and father) would be classified as Kulaks ( peasants who owned over 8 acres (3.2 hectares) of land - ). They still had to hard work their ass off and as my father described his University years - "I didn't have money to shit in city center" - implying to the toll one has to pay if even to shit in a trainstation facility, let alone fancy center-of-the city public toilet. (By the way, the concept seems utterly gone now - we still have one public toilet in the center of the city kept alive for historical reasons but otherwise you shit at home or like in Western Cities - either pay 20x the cost for doing it in a privately owned business or .. find some alternative :p).

    Solving poverty is perhaps harder than curing cancer. Do you really hear yourself saying what you said? "Solved nothing". So effective immediately we should terminate all experiments and experimenters who "solved nothing" and just march in a disciplined matter to job and back, eat our porridge and die when our time comes, not neglecting our duty to produce 2.1-2.2 offsprings at the average replacement rate to carry on the plowing?
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  7. By the way, I bought this just to have some starting point talking to Western recruiters who dismissed my 20 years of experience, GitHub account, mathematically proven trading strategy I'll be selling as investment advisor, with a link to a pre-screening IQ test which I flunked obviously, barely making over half the questions of the "how do you cure cancer" or "how do you cure poverty" category in the time allowed.


    Gave the test to my kid ... 100%.

    Must say I'm surprised too. I knew he's smart, I didn't knew he gets THAT MUCH.
  8. Here's my comment on the lowlife scum "contracting" as recruiters in the Western corporate melting pool:

    You need to correctly visualize who the recruiters are and where are they placed in the social hierarchy. If a company's social structure is described by the Gervais pyramid ( ... he-office/ ) with ruthless sociopaths in the upper management, clueless idiots as mid managers and hopeless losers as the peasants, first you need to realize that your interaction with the company through the regular hiring channels will NEVER get you in touch with the powerful and knowledgeable sociopaths. You'll invariably be talking / be evaluated by retarded losers and clueless mid managers.

    And if this doesn't sound very appealing, add recruiters to the picture and realize they are das untermensch, drooling imbecile goatherders, scum-sucking bottom feeders of the corporate structure.

    Keep this in mind next time you are tempted to anthropomorphize them and interact with them as they would poses any redeemable human qualities.