How do you guys organize your stock list?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chiefraven, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm a daytrader who capitalizes from tape reading. So generally, i trade whatever stocks, as long as it moves, and within the price range and daily trading volume that i like. Price being (10-69) volume (100,000 - 1.5 mil)

    However, I really want to develope a good list so i could keep track of some of the stocks i like, the ones that tend to really move. But I also want to categorize them into their own industry and sub sector group. So this way, if i read a news and notice that the pharmaceuticals companies are gearing upward, i can just look up my pharmaceutical sector, and depending ont he news, see how the specific subgroup within that sector is being effected the most.

    Let's hear everyone's technique in doing this.
  2. Hi, Chief Raven, didnt you just post a similar question a few threads down. Many of the questions you asked concerning, market orders, bid or ask price quotes can be answered by reading some trading books, or even if you use the series 7 material as reference. You might be surprised at how many answers are provided in reading material, either internet articles or books. Please don't take this as a attack, I am only offering my help. I think you finding out this info for yourself is more helpful then repeatingly posting them on the board. By the way I was wondering what firm do you trade for, because they don't seem to provide much help, and left you twisting in the wind. So provide your fellow ET traders with some help and give us a heads up on this prop shop. Good Luck I hope you do not take offense.