How do you go about buying stocks?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cf4456, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. cf4456


    What is your preferences? Going through a broker, online trading etc...
  2. cf4456


    I am just curious to what people think is the easiest, less risky, and what you are most comfortable with.
  3. less risky ? paper trading. Be your own broker
  4. MTE


    It really depends on your needs, trading/investing style and etc.

    Daytrading doesn't really work with a full service broker.:D
  5. bgp


    you dont ! you short them ! :)

  6. less risky ? paper trading. Be your own broker
  7. Surdo


    Hang out by The Buttonwood Tree right outside 11 Wall Street, a few NYSE members gather daily and exchange shares with one another. Make sure you bring your stock certificates if you are selling!

    el surdo
  8. cf4456


    Paper trading isn't actually investing though. Isn't that just to practice? What do you think about Forex?
  9. MTE


    You may wanna ask a bit more specific questions, that way you may actually get some serious answers.
  10. cf4456


    Well first off, I am fairly new to this. What exactly is paper trading? I am talking about real trading. How do people go about buying their stocks?
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