how do you get someone to lose weight?

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  1. I went on a some dates with this chick, who's kinda cute but i find her slighty chubby (5'5" 125-130 lbs). i'm more into the slim look.

    The thing is, i've seen photos of her from 3 years ago when she was 22 yrs old and 15-20 pounds lighter, and she was gorgeous! Her face, neck and arms were slim. you can't believe what 15-20 lbs does to a woman's body & face. :(

    I personally exercise and eat clean, and i've encouraged her to work out with me but she always has excuses.. i figure she's just lazy. Is she destined to become a fatty by age 30, or should i try to change her? I know, you can't change someone if they don't want to, but having seen what potential hotness i have here, I think i should give it a shot ?
  2. Burn the fat !!!

    Make sex with her for at least 3h a day and sweat the fat out !!!

    Rough and long sex is the best sport.

    She will be quickly be slim again. :p
  3. That's one way..:D

    I suggest having her count your money.Burn fat counting thousands of dollars a day, and of course burn calories shopping with your money.Carrying heavy bags, walking around the mall, find stores without a food court.

    Rescue a "fat" dog from the animal shelter. tell her to take it for a walk...hint ..hint....:cool: ) this might not work for Korean girls...mnnnn..mouth watering...Yo where's fluffy.....I thought you took him for a wok.
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    Throw them in a room for an extended period of time without any food, only a radio. But not a ham radio.
  5. The best thing to do is get her into a healthy lifestyle by doing some sport activities together like hiking, swimming, playing tennis, and bicycling, while making it "adventurous". :D

    Start with hiking would be good. Maybe go on a ski vacation later on.
  6. Banjo


    She knew what she looked like before she gained the weight, she knows what she looks like now.
    Everybody knows how to lose weight.
    Everybody knows how to eat properly.
    Everybody knows how to exercise.
    Why don't they do it?
    Look inside her head.
    Can you make the structure of perception she's currently employing that manifest itself in her weight gain go away, morph into a structure that will manifest into the physical representation you're looking for?
    There's a reason for everything and most of them aren't pretty.
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    She'll be fat when she gets older, practically guaranteed.
    Unless you like fat women, move on.
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    We all get fat when we get older.
  9. speak for yourself. Only those who are lazy, who don't care about their appearance, or who have no self-control get fat when they get old.

    maybe you and most people over 30 fall into one of those 3 categories but don't assume everyone is like that. I'm the same waist size as i was 15 years ago (size 32 pants)