How do you get rid of yellow jackets?

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  1. They're nesting in my wall. I disturbed their entrance from the outside and about 30 of them flew out of a crack and were aggressively swarming around.

    I almost crapped my pants!

    I couldn't believe how fast they ganged up to protect the nest. It was like a split second.

    Bastards! They must die because they could do some serious bodily harm.
  2. They are inactive after dark. Wait tilll night and then spray in the hole. If you find a nest in the ground, you can pour gas in that after dark. Works with wasps too.
  3. I used that aerosol spray foam insulation. I put the nozzle in the hole after dark and emptied the can.
  4. Go to Home Depot, Ace or any hardware store and get yourself a a bee hotel. Works on the same principle as a roach motel. They go in but they can't get out.

    Should you wish to try your own hand at making one:

    Hope that helps. :)
  5. If you plug up their entry they will just chew thru your drywall and get inside the house! Been there and done that.

    At night after they are calm, you need to spray a full can of pyretherin inside the wall cavity. It is a nerve agent and will knock down (kill) the live bees. It will not effect the larvae, and when they hatch the cycle continues. You also need to dust the entrance, and puff a powder into the cavity to kill the rest of the crawl around bees. I use Cynoff Insecticide powder, which contains cypermethrin. I get all this stuff over the internet.

    Good luck!
  6. Some years ago, I had a wasp nest outside under the roof of my shed. It looked like it was put together with gray duct tape. One day on a sunny afternoon, and against my better judgment, I took a high pressure water spray device to it from a fairly close distance. I figured that if I could keep spraying in that direction, then the wasps could not come at me against the strong stream. Even so, I had on my running shoes in the event of Plan B. As it happened, there was some buzzing about but it was fairly subdued and the spray even managed to knock the nest to the ground. It seems that most of the occupants went down with the ship. Although it went better than expected, I'm not sure I'd try it again.
  7. I usually have my wife get rid of them. After a few rounds of nagging, they usually pack up and go elsewhere...
  8. I hear ya. Give her a phone and a lawn chair and have her sit under the nest.
  9. I just run like hell, screaming aaaaaahhhhhgggg, help, help, help...than call my wife, she fixes everything, LOL.

    Really, I do hate bees of any kind....(I know we need them and there is some weird shortage, and I hope they all return, just return somewhere else, please).

    When I was a stupid kid (no comments, Nutmeg)... I went to get a drink from an outdoor water faucet, no hose, and a damb bee stung the inside of my mouth...major trauma for years.... damn, I had forgotten about that too.....better have my wife check the house before I go home, LOL.

    Don :p
  10. A couple of weeks ago, I checked one of my bird houses to see why nothing was nesting in to. I opened the front and out came a swarm of bumble bees. My wife started screaming to tell me to get away from there. Sure enough they followed the noise and took off after her and chased her in the house. Now I can't decide if I want to get rid of these guys or not. :confused:
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